Dad in tears after daughter buys him teddy bear that plays his late mum’s voice

Dad in tears after daughter buys him teddy bear that plays his late mum’s voice

A woman reduced her dad to tears after gifting him with a teddy bear that played the sound of his late mum saying “hello darling.”

Summer revealed on her TikTok @summerhammond that her grandma passed away earlier this year, so she bought her dad the soft toy with a recording of her voice in it so he could listen to it forever.

The video, which has been viewed 2.2 million times, sees the man unwrapping the bear that was given to him as an early Christmas present.

But as he pulls out the bear’s ‘birth certificate’, for “milk biscuit”, which Summer says was an inside joke the pair shared, he says “ah that’s really kind.”

Summer then urged him to press the button on the bear’s hand to hear the sound of his mum’s voice.

When he hears the recording, he kisses the bear on the head and begins to cry.

“We love you dad, Merry Christmas,” an on-screen caption read, as everyone rushes to give him a cuddle.

Since being posted, the video has racked up almost 340,000 likes and more than comments from people who were in tears watching the heartwarming moment.

One person said: “There’s something about the way he says ‘that’s really kind’ that melts my heart.”

Another wrote: “The way your mum signalled for you to hug him. She knew.”

A third commented: “So are we all crying in the comments orrrr?”

Someone else put: “The way he welled up the instant he heard his mum’s voice. This is so so lovely.”

“That ‘hello darlin’ got me,” wrote another TikTok user, to which Summer replied saying: “It was so pure because that was her go-to phrase.”

What a sweet gift.