Nigella approved tricks and tips to easily improve your Christmas dinner

Nigella approved tricks and tips to easily improve your Christmas dinner

It’s Christmas Day – a pile of sprouts are piled in front of you, while smoke escapes from the oven. A saucepan full of gravy is bubbling on the hob – and it looks like it’s about to boil over.

And breathe.

Rustling up a lavish meal for hungry guests is a mighty task and it’s even harder this year, thanks to Coronavirus.

Lots of people across the country face the daunting task of having to cook Christmas dinner for the first time – and may feel a bit stressed out already.

But fear not – we’ve rounded national treasure Nigella Lawson’s top tips on how to plan and execute the perfect festive feast.

Be prepared

It’s not just Santa that should be making a list and checking it twice – any Christmas Day chef should be too.

The chef stresses that keeping a notepad and pen happy will help keep you organised and ensure everything comes out the oven on time.

But if you’re looking for something more modern, Nigella advises you to use your phone to set reminders of when food needs to go in and out of the oven, and so on.

Don’t go overboard

It’s easy to over-commit yourself but you don’t want to ruin your tightly packed kitchen schedule. Keep it simple – stick to the trimmings guests actually love, not what you feel you should serve because it’s Christmas.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping , the TV chef suggests eschewing fancy starters in favour opting for a simple cocktail sausage cooked in black treacle or, as a vegetarian option, parsnips cooked in harissa.

And don’t opt for any fancy extras , now is the time to enjoy your classic favourites – and avoid any Espresso Martini cheese.

Add some festive decorations

Food is a priority – but your seasonal decor helps lift the mood massively. Nigella keeps it simple by scattering pomegranate seeds across her dinner table to add some “instant Christmassy glamour.”